R&P: Task 7 - Prop List and Shot List

Prop List:
The props involved in our title sequence was our costumes. They played a huge part as they reflected what type of character each actress/actor was, whether that was goody or bady.

This photo shows the different outfits each character wore.

Golden boy:
His outfit consisted of;
Golden tights
a Red bedsheet as a cape.
We chose this because it showed his 'good physique' off which would attract teenage girls into watching our film. The golden tights show a representation of his name. The red cape was used because of our audience research and the feedback we got from that. In our survey a question was asked 'In superhero films, which characters do you associate with the colour red? Goodies or Badies?' from this the majority of people chose the option goodies, so we used the colour red in alot of the goodies costumes to show their stereotype.

Blue Bolt:
Her Outfit was;
A bright blue top, with a black lightening bolt down the middle
Gold Hotpants
Black heels
Red Lipstick
Her name was chosen because of the outfit she wore, with the top being electric blue with a lightening bolt down it, there was no other name we could have called her. the electric blue is a primary colour, also known as a safe colour which is why we used this top for our goodie. She wears red lipstick because of our survey result as mentioned previously. The gold hot pants tie in nicely with golden boy so it shows theyre a team. The shorts were quite skimpy because we wanted young teenage boys to be attracted to blue bolt as she was an inspirational character also we wanted her outfit to attract people to watch our film.

His outfit was;
A skin tight white top with a large blue smiley face on it
white boxers with multi-coloured smiley faces on
a blue mask
long socks
We chose the colour white because it represents purity and because he is a goodie we wanted to show him as pure. His power is to make people laugh so the colour white helps us see his personality as helpful instead of harsh (it would be harsh if we used the colour black). The blue smiley face on his top with a matching mask to show which team he was in as the smile dennotes happiness, but also the blue ties in with 'Blue Bolts' costume so its clear which characters belong to which team. he has a mask because it is a representation of a superhero therefore they would be identified as superheroes.

The Intimidator:
his outfit consisted of;
Black legginigs
Bright Yellow caution tape around his wrists
The colour black is very dark, therefore represents the baddies dark personalities. Also the black is stereotyped with goths who are seen as outcasts in society and people who dont necissarily do the right thing (rebels) which is another reason as to why we dressed the baddies in black. The yellow caution tape would draw attention to the baddies but it straight away tells people to be cautious of them. we chose little amounts of clothes as all The intimidator has a really good body and for audience purposes we wanted to show this off to attract people to watch our film.

Black Ice:
She wore;
A black leotard
Black leather leggings
Black heels
Bright yellow caution tape around her torso
black lipstick
Heavy black eye makeup
Again the extensive use of the colour black was so that the audience could identify her role, also so she was matching with her team. the name black ice also has the word black in it and was potrayed in the clothes she wore. Her black lipstick, in comparison to Bluebolts red, shows how unnatural the baddies were and 'unnatural' is seen as ugly in society, so would autimatically give off the impression that they were bad and not role-models. The caution tape was added as a sign of warning to the baddies, also showed theyre 'Gang' as it was common that all the baddies were wearing it.

His outfit was;
Black leggings
Bright yellow caution tape
black eyeliner
his symbolic beefburger on the fron of his leggings
The black was used for the reasons listed before. The symbolic beefburger was obviously so he had his own identity also to relate ith his name and his physique as he is quite beefy. We hoped to our audience that this would have been seen as comical as it was taking the mic out of his appearance. the black eyeliner was to add harshness and also relate him to a goth. the representation that was given to him would have been tht he was really self centered as he walked around with make up on, his body out and his hair swept back, making the audience think that he is even more of an arse. society see's people like the beefanator as annoying and this is how we wanted him to come across.

Safety Cone:

This prop was used, because the caution cone matched the baddies costumes. Also the baddies had something to take their anger out on in the title sequence. this showed their true colours to the audience and made their characteristics identified. most baddies in films stereotypically are agressive and this is what we wanted to show.

Shot List;
  1. Close up of the Intimidators hands.
  2. Blank black screen, His stage name ‘The Intimidator’ appears as well as his real name ‘Alex Lister’
  3. Transitions to close up of BlackIce putting on her headband.
  4. Turns into a black screen were BlackIce’s stage name appears aswell as her real name ‘Isabella Houston’
  5. Close up of ‘The Beefanator’ putting on his mask
  6. Quickly cuts to a black screen where his stage name aswell as his real name appears.
  7. You then get a close up body shot of all of the baddies. Starting from their toes, to their heads.
  8. Then close up of ‘Golden Boy’ tying up his cape
  9. His name and stage name appears introducing him.
  10. Close up of ‘Bluebolt’ putting on her lipstick from side angle
  11. Cuts to front angle of her putting on her lipstick
  12. Turns to black screen where her real and stage name is presented.
  13. Close up of ‘Nitrous’ putting on his mask, with a smiled expression.
  14. Black screen appears displaying his name aswell as stage name.
  15. Then title appears in full screen ‘SUPERGOOD VS SUPERBAD’.
  16. Over shoulder shot looking down on the baddies as they’re walking up the corridor.
  17. Wide shot from the goodies front view now showing their passing
  18. Close up side view showing them at face level passing.
  19. Diagonal view focusing on the goodies looking up at them from opposite end of the corridor
  20. Close up of ‘The Intimidators’ head turning from the back to the front (as if he is looking over his shoulder)
  21. Close up of ‘Golden Boy’ head turning staring from back to front ( also as if he is looking over his shoulder)
  22. Wide shot from badies perspective to show their still connecting eye contact.
  23. Side on angle showing the cone that ‘The Intimidator’ threw making its way down the hallway.

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