Monday, 20 February 2012


The big, but not biggest, day finally came. we had to film our preliminary task, we went on down to Bromley south station as our preliminary task was based on trains as a mysterious confusion (as you can see from our story board). However, when we got there we were told that we had the chance of getting arrested for filming at a station :O. But as the rebels we are we went ahead and did it jumping at every 'man in uniforms' we saw. Then after bottling it we asked for permission again getting it confirmed. Phewwww. so once we were started we filmed an array of different angles and shots until happy that we had the whole footage for our preliminary task.


we are setting out film at school, the reason of this is because its targeted at teenagers that are currently in 'highschool', we chose this audience because we can r elate to them (as their our age) so we will know what the 'usual' teen likes.


The requirements of our title sequence/opening:
Task: plan and create a title sequence/ film opening. it should be no longer than two minutes.


the setting of our film is based in a school, it could be compared with american high school dramas. things such as 'Kick Ass', 'Scott Pilgrim' and 'Mean Girls'.


the characters being used in our comedy is:
The supergood
Charlie Smith as 'The Golden Fist'
Sophie Clegg as 'UnderWoman'
Josh Ajiboye as '

The superbad
Alex Lister as 'The Intimidator'
Kyle McClellan as 'The Beefanator'
Isabella Verrico as 'Black Ice'

The Victim
Alex Scholes as 'The Ultimate Geek'


As a group made up of Me (Rio), Hannah and Millie, once decideing our 'bike' idea wasnt going to work, we came to the conclusion of sticking with the superhero idea and our chosen genre is Comedy.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


today i looked i helped Hannah design for the 25 word pitch so it can go with our theme, i came up with the title as SuperGood vs. Superbad


During today i had negative thoughts for the idea of our main title sequence. originally we wanted to make our title sequence quirky, using a vintage bike and with it we was going to potray the journey of a young girls life by doing so, showing the different weathers and says and emotions that teenage girls go through. After watching the quality of the previous title sequences i believed that in no way, shape, form or size would we pull this off. so i came up with another idea that i pitched to my group and they seemed to like it. it would be a teenage comedy and there would be a group of kids who thought they were super hero's and it would basically be a piss take. now i just have to plan this....Fingers crossed


Today in lesson we looked at other A-level title sequences to see what we had to achieve in the long run. We watched these on youtube by searching G32, this helped us clarify our ideas and hope that we do better than the previous ones. (We thought they were quite poor). it made our group realize that this project is not easy. this is where the panicking begins.