Preliminary Task

Preliminary task:

in todays lesson, we got given the information that we had to make a short clip with reference to 'the package'. With this me, Hannah and Millie thought up some different ideas of what out storyline could be. we came up with the setting, actors and also the journey of the clip. we put together a rough story board to draft our ideas.

Preliminary task: as a group we agreed that our first idea would be boring, so we rethought our idea and changed it. We then drew another storyboard and as a group thought that the new idea would be much better than the first.
our new setting was on the underground, and we was going to make the package a mystery. but because of the stereotyped actors we were using, people would assume that the package would be a bomb. then the package gets confused and out suspicious actor ends up with a package full of girlie stuff.

28/01/12: The big, but not biggest, day finally came. we had to film our preliminary task, we went on down to Bromley south station as our preliminary task was based on trains as a mysterious confusion (as you can see from our story board). However, when we got there we were told that we had the chance of getting arrested for filming at a station :O. But as the rebels we are we went ahead and did it jumping at every 'man in uniforms' we saw. Then after bottling it we asked for permission again getting it confirmed. Phewwww. so once we were started we filmed an array of different angles and shots until happy that we had the whole footage for our preliminary task.

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