R&P: Task 5 - Script and Foley/Sound Research

For our main task we had to use copy right free music, so as a group we thought up the basic outline of what we wanted to look for. Obviously we were limited because its hard to find copyright free music that you really like.

We agreed that the music had to be upbeat and face paced so it matched the style of our main task. we didn't want lyrics as they probably wouldn't match perfectly to our ideas also it would distract the audience from watching the live action.

Foley/Sound research

This was the first copy right free rock option we found. We really liked it as the rock element in the song came out clearly. However we were worried that it wouldnt be fast paced enough for our film as we wanted our film to come across quite dramatic like 'Scott Pilgrims' song does.

Also this song doesn't sound like its from an independant band and we thought that might put our target audience off. The reason it would put our target audience off is because the indie type prefer independant bands that make quite fast paced music and this doesn't match those requirements. After taking all these points into consideration we decided to use the one on our main task, as that matched all requirements and gave it extra attraction towards the target audience.

We needed sound effects in our film also to add tension between the goodies and the baddies. we wanted something to make the audience feel like there was an uncomfortable vibe between them. So after for hours we decided to add the effect while both 'The Intimidators' and 'Golden Boys' head was turning to add a sort of 'Whoosh' sound effect. this fitted well as the sound matched the movement perfectly. these are the sounds we chose from

From this sound effect we had alot to choose from, so we knew that we would be able to edit it to the movements. The 'woos' sound effect we chose, was the on between 06.00-08.50 seconds. We chose this one because we there was too of the same sounds in opposite ways, so it would work, fitting both the characters heads turning. Also they were quite short which we wanted to keep to the pace of our film.

As we didn't have any dialogue (because we thought the music and acting/editing could speak for itself) we obviously don't have a script. however, i'm going to talk you through the whole title sequence so its classed as our script.

Film starts with the Marvel opening sequence. Once finished a black background appears with ' a marvel production presents, an RHM film'. The black background disappears turning into 'The Intimidator as putting on his arm cuffs. However the 'An RHM film' still remains, but just changes colour (from white, to black). Then the credits come up telling you 'the intimidators' name and his actors name 'Alex Lister'. Then the character is 'Blackice' is introduced by putting her headband on, once she's done, on a black background her name 'BlackIce' and 'Isabella Houston' appears. We then are introduced to the 'beefanator' watching him put his cautioned taped mask on. His name and stage name then appear on a black background, 'The Beefanator' and 'Kyle McClellan'. All the baddies stage names are coloured Yellow (because that is a common colour in their costume).

You get a brief pause, then the goodies are started to be introduced. We start with 'Golden BOy' tying his red cape up. His stage name and his real name is presented on a black background, 'Golden Boy'
and 'Alex Scholes'. Then while putting on her red lipstick, 'Bluebolt' is introduced, once finished her name and stage name appear in the middle of the screen, 'Bluebolt' and 'Sophie-Marie Clegg'. Then the last goodie 'Nitrous' is introduced by putting on his blue mask on with a smile on his face. His name then appears on a black background 'Nitrous' and 'Josh Ajiboye'. All of the goodies superhero names are coloured in red because of our survey feedback.

The title then appears and it bounces on the screen, 'Supergood vs. Superbad' with 'Supergood' written in red and 'Superbad' written in yellow. This is when the action begins, the two groups (Goodies and Baddies) meet in the corridor, while walking past each other they make eye contact and watch each other like hawks. they then look away from each other but something makes them dramatically turn their heads back to the opposite team. we see this with a close up of both the 'Alex's' on after another look at each other again. While doing this the 'bad Alex' walks into a cone, but because he is 'The Intimidator' he thinks how dare the cone be in his way. This makes him angry and he picks the cone up and launches it down the hallway, this shows his characteristics are violent to let people identify that he is a baddie. the baddies then walk off like nothings wrong, the screen goes black then a school bell rings.

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