Task 1 & 2 - title annotations and Essay

today i looked at all different title sequences so i cleared up my thoughts on what we actually had to do. i looked at Austin Powers 'The Spy Who Shagged Me', Alice in Wonderland, The Black Swan and finally Sherlock Holmes. i then print screened different sections to annotate. this is due on the 23rd.

today i started my comparison essay between the different title sequences will be uploaded along with the annotations.

Analysis of Title sequences.

This is the opening scene of the title sequence. There is a transition from live action filming turning into cartoon, this suggests that this film is targeted at a younger audience because cartoons are stereotyped for immature ages.

We then see this clip shortly afterwards. This shows a teenager, I think this because of how she’s dressed wearing casual clothing and carelessly drinking sunny D (a high sugared drink) Standing in her neighborhood on the streets which makes me sense that she has a rebellious side to her because of her casual dress sense, the fact she is alone also the way in which she swigs her drink out of her bottle carefree. The colours used imply that is a comedy type film as they are very primary which is typically shown in this genre of film. I think it’s a comedy as the whole scene connotes no other type of genre.

This is the last image I have chosen to analyze from this title sequence. The guitar connotes that the audience will be ‘Indie’ Teenagers as those type of people are known to play that instrument. This shot has a hipster feel, with all of the possessions in the street. Her ‘sneakers’ look like converse and the type of people that wear converse are teenagers. Again the colours are very blocked primary colours which would attract to the films young audience and comedy genre of film.


This is the opening shot. This title sequence starts by introducing the actors/actresses names, with a background of red smoke. From this the red smoke connotes danger as the colour red is related to that. Also we relate smoke to a fire which is seen as a disaster. The smoke is on top of a black background, because of the harshness of the dark colour in comparison to the red, it suggests this film is a horror as these colours are iconic in Horror films.

This shot shows the silhouette of a scary mask type face on a black background. This shows that this film is targeted at an older audience, because the colours are plain, the images are quite scary and theres nothing welcoming in this title sequence that would attract children. Also the fact that it’s a horror also shows its preffered audience.

The last shot shows the title. The title scream relates this film to a horror because the word ‘Scream’ makes us think of fear because you scream when you’re scared. The colour of the text is in red, which connotes danger. It’s on a dark grey smoky background which shows a consistency of dark dingy colours shocked with bright red. Horror.

Casino Royale: James Bond

Straight away this is a stereotypical action shot, the gun hole is known to be in many action films. The Red blood would show a murder has happened which takes place in an action film. James Bond at the end of the gun point suggests action straight away because people know James Bond as ‘The top spy’.

While introducing the characters real names, the text is surrounded by club symbols, heart symbols and spade symbols, which would all be found on playing cards in a casino. This relates to the title to set the scene. This limits the audience to being a manly film because casinos are related to men you rarely find women in casinos actually taking part in the activities.

A gun is visible in this shot which ties in nicely with the action theme. Again you are seeing a king off of a playing card setting the scene, also suggesting the audience is male because they used the king of the cards instead of the queen. The colours are quite vibrant also tie in with the casino setting as these colours would be visible in a casino. The Animation used also suggests his film is targeted at the younger man as they’re still quite immature (or so their stereotype says).

The black and white suit makes James bond stand out from the single coloured man in red. This shows he is the main character as he looks most sophisticated and individual. This is a very clever image because between all the violence, when someone is hurt we see that they turn into playing cards which ties in with the theme.

Scott Pilgrim Vs THE WORLD

The font in which the title is written in is a very ‘Young’ font because it looks like its been doodled which relates to bored teenagers suggesting this film is targeted at teenagers. The contrasting colours could suggest they want the title to stand out. The title itself ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. THE WORLD’ makes me think comic books and superheros, which are represented by teenagers (nerds) because they’re the type of people interested in that kind of stuff.

This is an opening credit, which shows the audience as being young because of the extensive use of bright colours, bright colours stereotype the young generation ‘Fun, young and bright’ that’s sort of thing.

I chose this clip, as it shows a doodle. A doddle shows immaturity, which for them would attract their audience. It shows that the genre of this film is comedy because we expect comedies to be filled with bright colours and bold writing.

This clip shows a band, which makes me think young and indie. The musical instruments relate to younger people as that’s when the majority of people learn new things. People in bands are stereotyped as Rebels/Rockers, who are looked as outsiders among society. The two boys sitting on the sofa stereotype nerds with their long hair and Bland clothing.


The four title sequences I analysed and annotated all differed in their genre. However I found similarities among whom their audience was and differences between how they presented what genre they were. The title sequences I analyzed were ‘Juno’, ‘Scream’, ‘Casino Rayale’, and ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’.

Junos title sequence was all animation, however transformed back into live action once the film had started. The animation used in this title sequence was used to represent the immaturity of the film also to relate it to its preffered audience as animations are stereotyped towards younger ages, teens in this case. The main character appears to be a girl who dresses casually in primary colours and likes to hang around in her neighbourhood, we can compare this to the average teenager as most teenagers dress casual and follow the same activities as her. She wears converse which are popular among teenagers, and are seen as cool. Because this title sequence shows that the character has so much in common with teenagers it would suggest that it would attract that type of audience. The genre of the film is shown by the freespirit of the character (the way she drinks her drink and strolls around carelessly) suggesting this film is a comedy because it didn’t fit under any other category. Another thing relating this film to a comedy is the bright colours used. Comedies are usually full of bright colours because comedies are meant to make people laugh and bright colours denote happiness.

Comparing Juno to Scream, you see the difference in how the genre is presented. Screa,s title sequence is full of dark, dingy colours. With red hints throughout. The colour red denotes danger suggesting this film is a horror, the black backgrounds also back this idea up. Dark colours are related to horrors as we represent bad things with darker colours. The scary mask that appears also suggests horror and that the targeted audience are adults, because children are not exposed to horrors also older people can deal with horros better than children. The dark colours are more sophisticated than the bright ones used in Juno showing the amount of sophistication needed to watch scream. The word Scream tells us that it’s a horror because we relate it to danger or fear.

Casino Royale is a complete different type of title sequence. The genre is action because guns are present throughout the title sequence, aswell as the famous ‘James Bond’ who is known as being the top spy. The suit he wears in the title sequence makes you think rich and smart as it would tell us he has a lot of money. Also the film being set in a Casino would suggest the wealth and sophistication of the film, also that the targeted audience is middle aged men who are wealthy. I say men because Casino’s are generally a mans place and not a nice place for women. The difference between Scream and Casino Royale is the colours used, This action uses dramatic bright colous as it’s a fast paced film. Scream used dark colours as its slower paced and more suspitious. The cleverness of the card symvbols and the violence turning into playing cards ties in well with the theme and adds to it story (easier to understand basic information about the film).

Finally, looking at Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World I saw that this had a lot of similarities with Juno as they were both comedies and both used animations in their title sequence to link them to teenagers because that age group is known for watching animations. Scott Pilgrim also includes doodles which represent highschool as its seen in media as what teenagers do when they’re bored in highschool. The bright Colours that are used in both Scott Pilgrim, Casino Royale and Juno show that all films are quite fast paced with a lot going on. Scott Pilgrim has stereo typical nerds in the title sequence suggesting the type of teenagers it wants to attract. Also the Title itself relates to a comic book title and suggests that this film is amercan and something to do with superheroes as most comic have that theme.

After comparing the title sequences, I can see that the genre of a film is shown largely by colours, props and stereotypical characters. The differences show whether the film is for an older audience or younger also the different types of genres available. The best way to find out the tagetted audience is to take note of props as they give a lot away because of whats stereotypically related to in concern to different age groups in society.

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