Monday, 26 March 2012

26-3-2012 Rating

We decided to rate our film a 12, we decided this as a group as we thought some of the actors and actresses are wearing costumes that may be offensive to some viewers and it may include some adult humour, so we thought 12 will be the most appropriate.

27-2-2012 Evaluation of Package

Evaluation Our idea We thought of our idea quite quickly, we were given the name ‘the package’ and straight away our group cam e up with many different ideas. We decided on doing a package on a train and it potentially being a bomb but the audience don’t see this directly so it leaves it up to them to decide what it was. We filmed it on the southern eastern service train to Victoria then back to Orpington. The plot of our clip was that a scary look male character was seen with a package getting on a train looking suspicious and he sits next to a innocent, attractive female character who also has the same package, as she leaves the train in a rush the packages get switched and she ends up leaving with his package. He notices as she is leaving the train and running along the platform, however it’s to late and the train has already left the station, in his panic he opens the package and realises it’s not the right one. This leaves suspense for the audience Filming the idea We hadn’t thought how hard it was going to be to film, we thought maybe we were going to film in on a tube. Then as we thought harder about it we realised that it may be quite hard as tubes are normally fairly busy and also didn’t want to draw attention to filming a bomb scene as some tourists may of got confused and scared. So we decided to stick to a train as they are less busy and we could film it in a more private environment. We felt the need to film a lot of footage so then later we could edit the bits we didn’t need as we felt it would benefit us from having too much footage than not enough. We knew that the clip had to consist of many different camera shots and angles we tried to demonstrate as many as we could and that we were able to include. For example shot reverse shot was almost impossible to film as there was so dialogue in our clip so we soon realised that we couldn’t do some but we tried to do as many as we could. Throughout our filming we were understood that some shots wouldn’t work with each other and it had to flow as much as possible. Editing the idea As soon as we started editing we came across problems in the shots we did, we had made a clip list which made things a lot easier as we knew what each shot was and it had its own number. However when we were putting clips together it soon became addressed that we were using shots that had not been filmed in order and some of the parts didn’t fit in with each other. We were also aware that when we wanted to include some shots the train was travelling in a different direction and this became a problem because it made the shots inconsistent. Also background of where the train was situated was an issue as again it wasn’t filmed in order therefore the station we were currently at didn’t match the one before. Also in certain scenes ‘Anna’ the female character has gloves on and we had to make sure that she didn’t have the gloves on before and made sure she had them on after so it matched. We also came across the fact that if we had longer, the clip would be more accurate and flow more but we had to consider that the time frame we did have had to include everything we needed. What went well? We worked well as a group and all had a part to play if it wasn’t filming then it was adding ideas and input to make it as good as it could possibly be. We all contributed in the filming part as some of us in the group could see things that others cant and we cooperated enough to get our views across and maybe suggest constructive criticism to improve the footage. The fact that we numbered each shot made it easier to locate them as we knew which ones were what other wise it could of got confusing and muddled up. Even better if? If we were to redo the filing and editing again I think different factors would come into it as we have now experienced it once and knew what went wrong and maybe what we could imp rives next time. I think we would try and make it as constant as possible to make it flow more. As much for a first time we tried our best but we have never experienced filming before and went into a bit fast, next time we would maybe plan ahead more and create a more detailed story board that had different camera shot and angles in so we knew exactly what we were doing when we got there.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012



this is the main idea of our title sequence. in these steps on our story board the actions per sector may change a little because we are unsure of what we actually want to do during our story, also we might not get consent to portray some of our initial ideas.


as designing and making clothes is my speciality, our group decided that i should design and prepare the costumes, so i did. these were my designs. each characters costume related to their name such as underwoman wore underwear on top of her clothes, golden boy has golden tights, etc.


this is our mood board, it shows all aspects of inspiration to do with our title sequence ideas. the bright colours represent the 'fun and youthful' aspect of our media. it shows previous superheroes, this influenced the different outfits/poses we were going to use in our film. we then found a photo of formated elvive bottles we used this in our mood board because this is the formation in which we wanted our superheroes to stand which is represented during the beginning of our film.

Monday, 12 March 2012


Activity This activity document was to plan our whole filming process making sure everything went as we wanted it to.


25 Word Pitch