R&P: Task 6 - Photo Storyboard and Draft Sketches

This is out initial story board for each step in our main idea, 'Supergood vs. Superbad'. These rough drawings help us organise the order in which our main task will be set out.

Character sketching:

For our characters costumes, as a group we all came together and discussed what types of outfits would be suitable for which character. As i am interested in fashion designing i took on the task of sketching these ideas and getting the costumes together. Here are the 6 main characters skethches that will be starring in our title sequence.

as designing and making clothes is my speciality, our group decided that i should design and prepare the costumes, so i did. these were my designs. each characters costume related to their name such as underwoman wore underwear on top of her clothes, golden boy has golden tights, etc.

The Goodies:
Sophie Marie-Clegg as Blue Bolt (originally underwoman)
Alex Scholes as Golden Boy (origionally Golden Fist)
Joshua Ajiboye as Nitrous

The Baddies:
Kyle McClellan as The Beefanator
Alex Lister as The Intimidator
Isabella Houston as Black Ice

with our costumes we tried to use colours that would relate to the characters personalities, Also so you could determine from their costume whether they were a 'goody' or a 'baddy'. For the 'goodie' an extensive use of bright colours were used, which made them stand out being eye catching. The bright colours used denote happiness. In contrast the 'Baddies' wore mostly black which shows that they are dark characters.

Names were changed because we faced problems when organizing the costumes. for example Alex Scholes was going to be 'Golden Fist' but we couldn't find a golden glove so therefore had to change his name. Sophie Marie-Clegg also had a name change because she was originally 'Under-woman' but because of filming in a boys school the teachers agreed that it would be inappropriate for a girl to be running around in underwear.

During our planning we wanted to get photo evidence of different locations that we could use in our main task. Also see what the lighting is like in the diffeent parts of the school
This Hallway of Ravenswood School could be used for when the two groups walk past each other. 

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