R&P: Task 3- Audience Research

Question 1 was asked because we wanted to consider ideas from all different ages, this way the survey would tell us what different ages liked so when deciding our target audience we already knew what sort of things to include.
Question 2 was asked because gender is a big divide in film, different genders like different genres and we wanted to know what genres these were.
Question 4 & 5 were asked so we could see which genres were most commonly their favourite and least favourite depending on the age and gender of the person taking the survey.
Question 5 was asked because our group had the idea of doing a comedy, However, we wanted to see the publics reaction to comedy films.
Question 6 because we wanted to see how our initial idea for our film would come across.
Question 7, because the idea of our film being set in a school, and parts in our film of what could be classed as bullying, we wanted to see peoples views on the issue. Hoping our film would make people more aware of what goes on inside some high schools (but a parody version)
Question 8 was one of the most vital questions in our survey because it determined the colour used for each teams in our film and what people would relate that colour too.
Question 9 was asked because music is in most films, but we wanted to see how many people took note of famous musicians used in a lot of very famous film productions.
Because our idea was to base our film on superheros the word animation came to our minds, so we wanted to see what age group preferred animation to live action or visa versa, this is the reason behind Question 10.
Question 11 was just a general question.
Question 12 was again because of our superhero idea we would see what people preferred making them the star of the film.
Question 13 was asked because we thought about comedies we could get inspiration from, all of these comedies were very popular so we wanted to see out of popular comedies which ones were peoples favourites. This way we could watch the favourite and take notes on how to make our film a god comedy.

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